Stylists and Crew


Jimminy Clippers is my home. As a young teen, I groomed my dad’s poodle on the kitchen floor with nothing more than the clippers he had bought for me. At that time, I couldn’t figure out how to get our dog’s fur fluffy. I now know that it was impossible with the single tool I was working with! I always loved animals. As a kid, I begged for pets until I was finally allowed dogs as a young teen. Eventually, I ended up earning money to pay for my horse by walking neighborhood dogs–my first entrepreneurial adventure.

When I was 20 years old, I eagerly applied to Jimminy Clippers, boasting that I had grooming experience (my dad’s poodle and those clippers). Clearly I had a lot to learn. Just one year later, in 1979, the owner of the shop put the business up for sale, and I purchased it from her. This purchase was to secure my job, not to own a business, or become the boss. I continued to seek additional training as a professional groomer. As a high school drop out, I am especially proud of my success as a small business owner.

I have always loved grooming all types of animals–the weirder the better–from raccoons to hedge hogs, guinea pigs to rabbits, and of course, dogs and cats. Cats are my true love, and I feel a special calling to groom them. I spent fifteen years showing Persians and Devon Rex in the CFA. Continuing my specialty training and certifications is a priority as a professional pet stylist. It is my goal to stay on top of the latest industry upgrades and innovations. I value this trade and am always seeking out the best for my business, employees, and my clients.


Hi my name is Mandy and I have been Cathy’s assistant for over 10 years. I am only at the shop part time because during the week I work in the food ingredients industry. I have my B.A. in biology and my M.B.A. in business administration. I have one cat and two dogs. I also love horses and teach riding lessons at Foxcreek stables in my spare time. I am getting married in August 2015 and I cannot wait!


My name is Rebecca and my mom owns Jimminy Clippers. I have been working at the grooming shop for four years. I really enjoy the experience I get when working with the animals! I love horseback riding and also working with miniature horses. Horses are my passion and I would like to someday show and breed miniature horses.

Rebecca delivering a baby foal


My name is Molly and I love my job! I have been grooming for three years and have worked with animals professionally since I was sixteen years old. My passion is my career and I love learning new things every day. I have a cavalier King Charles spaniel who is always at the shop with me, a black kitty, a snake and an axololt.


I have been working with animals for nine years, and have been a groomer for one year. I am very passionate about my job and look forward to grooming your pets. I am a lover of all animals, cats and dogs, and have two cats of my own.


Hello, my name is Michelle and I have been grooming for 15 years! I have a labradoodle named Chocolate Chip and an orange tabby name doe. My favorite breed to groom is the terrier group, but all in all I love grooming. I really enjoy new ideas and creative ways to groom your furry babies. Can’t wait to meet all of you!

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My name is Christine and I have loved animals all my life although I must confess that dogs hold a special place in my heart. I am a part-time receptionist at the salon and if your dog comes home with a pink lipstick smooch on his or her head, I’m most likely the guilty one! I have a Toy Parti-Poodle who will often be with me checking you in at the front desk even though her spelling is terrible. We look forward to seeing you and all your wonderful pets!


Hi my name is Haley! I have been at cathy’s for almost a year and I enjoy working here. I love animals, I have a French mastiff and a Lhasa mix. I ride horses and I hope to be a vet in the future for large animals!



My name is Zach and I’m a freshman in high school. I came in one day and was hired on the spot, and that was the best day of my life! I love animals and now I get to be around them all the time.



Jimminy Clipper’s recommended dog trainer, Flint Creek Dogs LLC: I have been involved with dogs for most of my life. I started training and showing my dogs at 8 years of age and never looked back. My dogs and I have accomplished many great things in the past years. We have even attended the Westminster Kennel Club dog show! My favorite dog event is agility and I enjoy teaching Agility classes 5 nights a week. I am a certified professional Dog Trainer.