Tips on how to choose the right groomer for your pet

For dog or cat owners, one of the hardest things to do is wrestle your pet into the tub for bath/grooming time. Hiring a pet groomer will ease this headache and ensure other benefits. Experienced dog groomers also check for signs of diseases and illnesses that can actually give you insight into your pet’s health.

Here are some tips and things to look out for when choosing which groomer is right for you.

  • Call ahead
  • Notice whether the facility asks if your pet has special needs and what you do for his coat
  • Take some time to examine the facility
  • Is the facility well lit?
  • Does the pet groomer’s shop smell clean?
  • Take note whether each representative and groomer appears knowledgable about your pet’s breed
  • Does this particular groomer cater to your pet’s size and breed?
  • Does each groomer appear to handle your pet carefully and gently?
  • Inspect the cages and make sure they are a good size for your dog or cat
  • Does this groomer keep complete records?
  • Ask what their accident procedures are
  • Make sure your pet is comfortable and he/she likes it there

Finally, when dropping off a pet, make it quick and simple. Tearful or drawn out goodbyes can make the pet nervous and on edge.

Follow these tips and you will have a happy, stylish pet!


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