Lincoln State Cat Club president, Dayle Marsh, talks about Cathy Hartley

Cathy Hartley has been in the grooming business for over 35 years–dogs, cats and even the occasional rabbit, ferret and guinea pig! She is a Certified Master Groomer, C.M.G., C.P.R, C.H.A. and it’s obvious after you see her work! She loves what she does and it shows!

Although many groomers have come and gone over the years, very few groom cats. There are horror stories about groomers who have tried to work with disagreeable cats on their grooming tables–hospitalization, severe infections and even amputations! Cathy herself has been hospitalized several times. Cat grooming is not for the faint of heart! Cathy was thrilled when Dayle Marsh, President of the Lincoln State Cat Club, contacted her about volunteering at her ACFA Cat Show at Harper College.

From Dayle Marsh:

“As president of the club, I was looking for someone who could speak in the education ring at our show every year. When researching, I came across Cathy Hartley. She is the first groomer to be master certified, (C.M.F.G.), for feline grooming in Illinois. The testing for that title is very rigorous and she passed with flying colors. Both written and practical. Her own experience was enough to wow even the educators.”

“Our goal is not just to put on a show but to educate the public as well–to promote the purebred feline breed along with proper health and care, to put someone in the education ring that appeals to the general public along with fellow cat lovers on topics they really need to know.”

“Cathy does this beautifully. She is professional but still has fun with the audience as in tossing out cat toys when a correct answer is given for a question. Her demonstrations are spot on and very helpful leaving her audience both informed and excited. All in all, having Cathy on our team has been a wonderful experience and I’m grateful to her for volunteering her time.”


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