Home remedies for your pet


Hot Spots: Listerine–put a little on a cotton ball and apply 2-3 daily, this will help absorb the moisture. Honey–apply a small amount to affected area twice daily.

Tea Bags: Wet tea bags down in as hot of water that dog can tolerate, and press onto hot spot and let sit for 5 minutes.

Coconut oil: Add 2 tsp up to 2 tbs (depending on dog’s size) in dog’s food for healthy shiny coat and skin.

Epsom Salts: Add 2 tsp to shampoo, let dissolve, leave on 10 minutes. This will help dry up hot spots or other irritations.

Sea Breeze: Mist on dog’s coat and rub off with towel to clean a hand trip wire coated dog’s back.

Acne Cleaners: Use this to clean out clogged hair folicles and for acne on the chin for cats.

Vinegar: Use this as a final rinse to help restore a proper PH balance in the skin, will also leave coat shiny.


Witch Hazel: Cleanse ears with this, will not cause any irritation to the canal.

Listerine: Mix equal parts with water to make an ear cleaner.

Coconut Oil: Has many healing effects for ear infections, apply some to cotton ball and put in ear.


Brewers Yeast: Sprinklye 2 tsp on top of pet’s food, it is a natural deterrent.

Garlic Powder: (Ask your vet first) 1-2 tsp sprinkled on top of pet’s food.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Add a few tsp to dog’s food, or to their water.


Pumpkin: Helps regulate stool, 2 tsp to 2 tbs (depending on dog’s size) daily mixed in food.

Yogurt: Plain or Greek, 2 tsp to 2 tbs, especially good to give if dog is on an antibiotic.


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